Authorized Mido Service Center

Mido Watch Repair in Geneva

Expertise in Authorized Mido Service

Since its establishment in 1918, Mido has been recognized for its excellence in combining aesthetic appeal and technical horological precision. As a specialist in authorized Mido services, I am committed to preserving the elegance and performance of your watches, including renowned collections such as the Commander 1959, Ocean Star, Multifort, and Baroncelli.

I treat each watch with meticulous care, ensuring its accuracy and longevity. You are invited to enjoy impeccable service where Mido’s heritage is enhanced by contemporary expertise.

For maintenance that honors the excellence of these timepieces, do not hesitate to contact me.

Authorized Mido Service Center in Geneva for men's and women's watch maintenance and repair.

Your Mido Watch: A Symbol of Elegance and Precision

Caring for your Mido watch goes beyond mere maintenance; it is an embodiment of its timeless aesthetic and technological advancement. Providing professional care is essential to me to preserve the excellence and robustness of its innovative mechanisms.

Choosing my expertise at The Watch Lab Genève for your Mido’s maintenance is to opt for a service that honors the brand’s distinctive spirit and craftsmanship.

  • I ensure that each complete service or water-resistance check includes the systematic replacement of vital components, offering you a watch as reliable as it is precise, with complete transparency in pricing.
  • I exclusively use original Mido parts, ensuring your watch retains its authenticity and value.
  • And for every service, I offer a two-year (24-month) warranty, evidencing my commitment to superior quality and your complete satisfaction.

For any specific needs or regular maintenance, I invite you to make an appointment. Your Mido watch will be pampered with the utmost care and expertise it deserves, ensuring its longevity and impeccable operation.

Certified Mido Watchmaker Services
in Geneva

Discover the extent of my expertise in the care of your Mido watch

Watchmaker expert conducting a complete revision of a Mido watch

Complete Service

A comprehensive service to ensure your watch’s performance.

Expert service for Mido horological complications


Technical expertise for the most sophisticated mechanisms.

Delicate restoration of a vintage Mido watch by a qualified watchmaker

Vintage Watches

Delicate restoration to bring your heritage pieces back to life.

Water-resistance check and battery replacement for a Mido watch

Waterproofing / Battery

Essential maintenance to preserve functionality and lifespan.

Specialized service for the maintenance of Mido quartz watches

Quartz watches

Specialized service to ensure the accuracy of quartz watches.

Professional polishing of a Mido watch for a flawless finish.


Professional polishing for restored brilliance.