waterproofing & watch battery replacement

Ensuring the optimal functioning of your watch

Ensuring the performance and protection of your watch

The life of your watch largely depends on its waterproofing and the quality of its battery.
As a watchmaking craftsman based in Geneva, I am committed to ensuring these two key aspects with the utmost care.

My “Waterproofing & Battery Replacement” service focuses on maintaining the integrity of your watch against the elements, while ensuring continuous operation thanks to efficient battery replacement.

The steps of the waterproofing service

1. Disassembly of the Case

The first step of this service involves carefully disassembling the watch case. This allows me to access the internal components for a thorough inspection.

2. Cleaning of the Case and Bracelet

Once the watch is disassembled, I proceed with a detailed cleaning of the case and bracelet in the ultrasonic machine. This crucial step removes all particles or residues that could affect the watch’s water resistance.

3. Reassembly of the Case and replacement of all seals

After cleaning, the watch is carefully reassembled. All seals, essential for ensuring the watch’s waterproofness, are replaced. This ensures optimal protection against water and moisture.

Battery Replacement

The battery replacement service starts with the careful opening of the watch to extract the used battery.
This step also allows me to inspect the internal components for any anomalies.

Once the new battery is precisely inserted, I close the watch and conduct a series of tests to ensure its proper functioning.

This meticulous process ensures a reliable battery replacement and a watch in perfect working condition.

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Give your watch a complete overhaul for optimal operation.

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Preserve the history, as well as the sentimental and invaluable value, of your watch.

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Waterproofing / Battery

Ensure your watch’s waterproofing with battery replacement.

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Precise maintenance and overhaul service for exceptional quartz timepieces.

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Meticulous polishing of the case and bracelet to enhance your watch.

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